Information for Parents

Signed Up For A Study? Here’s What To Expect.

After you have made an appointment you should receive the following:

  •  A confirmation call the day before you’re scheduled to come in
  •  An email reminding you of your time and the directions to our lab.

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Important information for the day of your visit:

  • When you turn left into the LeGrand parking lot, park in the space labeled “Reserved for Research Participants”.
  • After parking, go through the back doors of the SSM building and take the stairs or the elevator to the second floor.
  • Once you get to the second floor take a right from the stairs or a left from the elevator, go down to the end of the hall and take right. The Bortfeld lab will be the middle room in the hallway, which is Room 245.
  • Once you get seated in the lab, you will be asked to sign a consent form.
  • One of our researchers will the come and talk to you about what will happen while the experiment is going on, as well as take some head measurements of your little one.
  • Before the experiment starts, place your child on your lap. When the infant is ready, the experiment will begin!
  • After the experiment is over (in 5-10 minutes), we’ll let your child choose a fun toy and the research assistant will escort you out to your car. Just in case we forget, make sure to remind us to take back the parking pass!